Apron with double sleeves attached. 3 in 1

Our 3 in 1 sleeved apron is a lot used on large scale dairies to keep the milkers clean and dry all over.

It has sleeves attached to the apron so sleeves will be used and not get lost.

The sleeves have a thumbhole which makes them extra comfortable.

Also we use a soft strap fabric in the neck so it’s comfortable to wear the apron even after 8 hours.


Plain apron with sleeves attached used for:


Feeding calves

Preparing milk bottles

Pushing cows

Making cheese


  • Medium: Length 50” – 127cm
  • Large / X-Large:  Length 55”  – 139.7cm
  • Navy Blue
  • Machine wash and dry

Made in house!

We are specialized in custom made orders!

Large quantity custom made orders including FREE logo, all sizes and color options, contact Elizabeth DeVries 806-656-1646 Elizabeth@4dagfashion.com

Wholesale? please contact Elizabeth

Additional information

Available Sizes M L XL
Available Colors Blue Orange

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