Our very popular calf jackets in MANY variations

Our best seller in winter!

A calf coat is used in the first 6-8 weeks after a calf is born. The energy they normally use to stay warm is now going into growth.

Our calf jackets are double insulated.

Big belt buckle in front, fully adjustable on BOTH sides, so if you have a twin or smaller calf you can still adjust the buckle on both sides.

Very high quality elastic back straps and sturdy clips which we also make in house.

Use the backstraps crossways and they wont kick the jacket off anymore.

Available colors: Blue, Hot Pink, Camo and Purple.


Blue S-L-XL

Pink S-L

Camo S-L

Purple M

S- Jersey Calves

M- Small crossbreed calves

L- Holstein and Crossbreed calves (best seller)

XL- 8+ weeks old calves

Our famous lift jacket comes in Blue Large


The small size is used for Jersey calves. Large for Holstein and crossbred and X-Large when you want to use a calf jacket 8 weeks after birth. Medium will only fit big Jerseys and small crossbreed calves.


Made in house!

We are specialized in custom made orders!

Large quantity custom made orders including FREE logo, all sizes and color options, contact Elizabeth DeVries 806-656-1646 Elizabeth@4dagfashion.com

Wholesale? please contact Elizabeth


High quality

  • Double insulated
  • Fully adjustable front belt buckle
  • Elastic back straps

$31 each

500+jackets $27,- each

Container and wholesale orders, call Elizabeth: 806-656-1646

All made in house in our own factory!

Additional information

Available Colors Blue Camouflage Pink Purple
Available Sizes S M L XL