Breeders belt

Breeders and Vets, here is YOUR breeders belt

4 can holders and 1 small pouch

Our spray paint can holder is perfect to use when you are breeding cows, the cans slip easy in and easy out and it even keeps them on temperature because of the thick belt fabric we are using. From now on you will have your hands free to do your job while your belt will hold all the cans, tools and paperwork.

You can remove 2 can holders or the use the pouch separately.

Made in house!


We are specialized in custom made orders!

Large quantity custom made orders including FREE logo, all sizes and color options, contact Elizabeth DeVries 806-656-1646

Reviews for Breeders belt

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on :

All our breeders and Vets use this belt, we even had them custom made with our company logo.
I would recommend this breeders belt to everyone.

on :

Dear Felix, we loved making your customized breeders belts!
Whenever you need more please let us know, keep up the great work!

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on :

Handy on herd health days. There’s a lot of room, and the separate pockets help to stay organized.

    on :

    Thank you Erica! Hope to see you again in April.
    Keep up your great work!

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