About us

Who are we!?

4-D AG Fashion was founded in 2017, and owned by JP & Elizabeth DeVries. We offer high quality farm clothing for a competitive price. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for 1 apron and 2 calf jackets, or a full container, we have it for you. We are very big in wholesale as well as custom made orders. The reason we are fast, flexible and cost effective is because we have our own manufacturing facility. No middleman, we ARE the manufacturer. We also offer wholesale in Europe. Want to get to know us better? www.4dagfashion.com Orders: orders@4dagfashion.com Returns: orders@4dagfashion.com Office: 806-557-8406 Wholesale, Custom made and Container orders: Elizabeth@4dagfashion.com Elizabeth: 806-656-1646 Check our socials for many videos and pictures


Clothing line

In 2017 we decided a clothing line would be a perfect addition and now 4-D Ag Fashion is a successful LLC on its own.

With our full line of farm, Vet and outdoor clothing we offer waterproof aprons, sleeves, bibs, pouches and don’t forget our calf jackets!

What makes 4-D Ag Fashion unique

  • The high quality products
  • The people who make our products
  • The drive & enthusiasm of our owners
  • The flexibility of our OWN clothing factory

Highly versatile

We have our own clothing manufacturing facility, which makes us fast and flexible and is also the biggest reason our products are competitively priced.

We work with the biggest companies in the industry within the US and internationally.

We are specialized in large custom made orders, any idea, logo, fabric, insulation, color and product we can work on with you.
From Milk Taxi covers to colostrum bags belts and even water tank covers, we make it all on private label.


Wholesale is a big part of our business, we are always looking for more and new wholesale customers, so get on board! Elizabeth@4dagfashion.com 806-656-1646.

We are very thankful for our loyal customers who continue supporting us by buying our products and spreading the word of 4-D Ag Fashion.

Go see us at one of the many farmshows and make sure you head over to our Facebook page to see all our amazing pictures and products.

Don’t hesitate to call us to place an order or any questions you have about YOUR custom made order…




Returns: orders@4dagfashion.com

Office 806-557-8406


Wholesale, custom made and container orders:




4D Ag World

4-D AG World:

Rubber flooring, Fans, Freestall equipment, Rubber mats and MORE!

Bram DeVries: 580-980-1893


JP DeVries: 806-443-3565